Secured Business Loans vs. Unsecured Business Loans – Which Is Better?

Running a business will need financial assistance throughout the journey. If yours is a startup venture, it is quite possible that you may fall short of the finances many times in the middle of the journey. So, if the funds from the credit sources are not enough for your small startup venture, you might want to borrow quick small business startup loans for the extra finances to keep running the venture until there is a proper influx of crediting funds. Though it might sound like the ideal solution to overcome your financial issues, availing the start up business loan come with its own pros & cons, and so, it is essential to know about your options well before you finalize on a financial deal.

secured business loans vs unsecured business loans which is better

Why Choose Start Up Business Loans?

As evident from the name, these business loans are the funding options for small startup businesses when they fall short of the finances during the course of their business journey. They are probably the safest way of bringing in the extra funds to keep your business running regularly. Most of the financiers will look for quite a few details regarding your business like the credit record, any previous debt structure, the financial sources, the limitations, etc. before the small business startup loan application is processed & approved.

Since most startup ventures are bound to have a lower financial record and not very established history, most financial institutions like the banks or other financing companies will be hesitant to provide these loans. So, an application that comes with a proper security i.e., a request for secured business loans will be entertained more by the banks than the unsecured business loan application requests. Apart from the ease of getting approved, there are quite a few differences between the secured & unsecured business loans.

Secured Vs Unsecured Business Loans

Secured Business Loans

Of the two options, the secured business loans have higher chances of getting approved & relatively sooner than the unsecured business loans. It is more of a straightforward strategy of borrowing & lending because the secured loans are backed by definite collateral, so the chances of risk to the lender are potentially low since the lender has all the rights over the collateral placed as surety. So, in case of a default payment, the lender holds the rights to confiscate, seize, resell, or seek ownership of the asset of the borrower that is placed as security. Most secured business loans are available even for borrowers who may have lower credit scores since there is a definite surety behind availing the loan. Also, since there is a definite backup for the lender in case of non-payment, these secured start up business loans come with relatively lesser interest rates imposed on them. However, it is to be noted that the risk factor is zero for the lender, but not for the borrower, as a non-payment will lead to loss of the collateral and will affect your business or put your personal finances in jeopardy.

Unsecured Business Loans

The unsecured business loans do not need any definite collateral as back up for the loan. So, the risk factor is high for the lender and, the borrower is on the safer side in an unfortunate case of a defaulted payment. So, these loans come with relatively higher interest rates so that the lender can make up for any loss or the absence of collateral. Also, they are mostly provided for business owners who have a clean financial record and stellar credit score. However, there are financing companies that provide the bad credit business loans even if the credit score is not up to the expected mark and without the requirement of any personal guarantee. But, in case of any defaulted payment, the lender may resort to legal actions.

Both, the secured & the unsecured business loans come with their own pros & cons. If the secured loans come with a relatively lower APR than the unsecured loans, there is always the fear of losing an asset in case of any default. Also, in the case of unsecured business loans, if your company files for bankruptcy, these loans have the tendency to be written off. Also, there is an option of partially-secured loans for which collateral is needed for security purposes, but you will not have to pay anything in return for the principle. Also, these loans do not impose higher risk factor to the borrower and, they are not charged for bankruptcy. So, these partially-secured loans have many favorable terms like longer repayment tenures & lower APR.

So, before you get into any decision, research well & explore all the options. Talk to the lenders about all the probabilities and make sure you understand all the terms & conditions before you get into the final deal. At, you can apply easily & get connected with reliable lenders who will provide suitablestart up business loans for you, Use the funds in the right way to grow & develop your business, and make sure you repay the loan on time to avoid any further financial issues.

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