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Explore well on our website and check if you qualify for a suitable loan with us. Payday loans at certain rates are prohibited by some states in the USA. Final approval is subject to the loan regulations active in your state of residence.

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What Are Payday Loans?

Are you facing a sudden financial crunch in the middle of the month? Have a medical emergency that cannot wait till the arrival of your next salary? Wishing you would get that small amount now and you would pay it back as soon you get your pay check?

We understand your need for immediate cash access during unforeseen emergencies and hence bring to you an intuitive platform for payday loans. Payday loans are short term loans, mostly borrowed for a maximum term of 31 days at an agreed interest rate. It is designed for dire financial needs.

Getting your payday loans online is easy with Instant Credit USA. You have the option to get in touch with a host of lenders offering the loans at various interest rates

It is important to understand the use of a payday loans. If you are thinking of using it for that new leather jacket you wish to wear to the office party or for the limited edition Star Wars merchandise, then this loan is not for you. However, if you need it for an urgent dental surgery or car repair, you are on the right path. So think no more and go ahead!

Advantages Of A Payday Loan

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What’s an Installment Loan?

An Installment Loan gets you the money you need today, with the ability to repay over time. Installment Loans are longer-term personal loans with terms from 3 to 24 months, depending on your state.We offer Installment Loans in both in-store and online in most states.

What is a Title Loan?

If you own the title to your vehicle, a Title Loan allows you to borrow money based on its value. Your car is used as collateral for the loan so you can get the money you need immediately, and keep driving your car while you pay back your personal loan. Title Loans are ideal for individuals looking for a fast solution to short-term financial needs.

What is a Line of Credit?

A Line of Credit is the most convenient, safe and secure way to access money when you need it most. Once you are approved for a certain limit, you can request money up to that total amount. The credit line, or maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn, varies by state, and the funds you request will be deposited directly into your bank account. After your initial approval, there’s no need to reapply. Simply pay back your fees and the money you borrowed, then request to withdraw more money from your Line of Credit whenever you need it.

APR Disclosure: is a third-party aggregator & not a direct lender and therefore will not have say over the annual percentage rate (APR) you will be offered. Prior to loan application, we will provide a representative APR based on data aggregated from multiple lenders. Our APR usually ranges from 5.99% to 35.99% depending on a host of factors. APRs increase proportionately to the repayment terms which is anywhere between 61 days to 180 months. Your actual rate depends on your loan amount, credit score, loan term and credit usage & history. It is agreed upon between you and your lender.

Representative APR Example:

$1,000 loan over a 12-month term would have a total payback amount of $1,134.72, APR 29.82%. Loan amount doesn’t need to be paid at once and can be done in instalments.