Privacy Policy

Instant Credit Loans US is an online loan marketplace that connects prospective lenders with borrowers. You are requested to read the privacy policy stated below as upon acceptance of the terms of use, it would be deemed that you have accepted in whole, the contents of the following privacy policy. In the off chance you do not accept the privacy policy, kindly suspend the usage of this website & its service immediately and do not submit any further information nor conduct any transaction. (hereon referred to as the website) has detailed the privacy policy so that borrowers can understand the handling of their private information. The website adheres to upholding the protection of all your personal information and other content that is collected as a part of registration.

We value all the details provided by you and collect your data via tools which are transparent and robust. You can always contact us to have your private information deleted from our database, if you ever wish to. The privacy policy applies to only residents of the United States as that is geographical limit of our services and is compliant to the federal and state laws of the country.

You, accepting the terms of use of this website by registering, implies that you without any limitation, accept that the website will collect, use and transmit your data as deemed fit, for helping you connect to prospective lenders. You are encouraged to read the privacy policy closely and understand how the privacy policy affects your legal rights & liabilities.

In case upon going through the privacy policy, you have further questions or issues, please feel to contact us directly through the contact form provided on the website. All users of this website need to be 18 years or older and any usage whatsoever form implies that you are of legal age and have willingly accepted the terms of use & privacy policy of the website.

User Information Collection (PII)

In order to get connected to prospective lenders on the website, you would be required to share certain basic information which would act your as personally identifiable information (herein referred to as PII). PII mainly consists of a borrower’s unique identification details such as his first name, last name, social security number, contact information, bank account details, driver’s licence details among other such data points. Submitting your PII implies that you are voluntarily using the services of the website. In case you do not wish to use the website’s services, you can refuse submission of PII.

Collection Of User NPII

Apart from PII, during the usage of the website, we also collect a borrower’s non-personally identifiable details (herein referred to as NPII) It's possible that we also compile your non-personally identifiable information ("NPII") in order to track consumer behaviour so that we can improve on overall consumer experience. It is aggregated to analyse website feature usage, intuitive flow etc. This data is collected irrespective of you registering on the website and contains details of the user’s browser, operating system, IP address, date & time stamp, details of your internet service provider etc. The right to use the NPII by third parties will be at the website’s discretion.

Sharing of User PII

The website collects information for the purpose of connecting you to prospective third-party lenders so that you can gain access to their promotions, services and products. We might further use this information to protect you from fraudulent activities and for other reasons permitted by law, after taking your consent via the terms of use. In order to simplify your use of the website, we might pass on the information to third party lenders you have expressed interest in.

When you provide us with PII, we use it to simplify the procedures associated with your access to services and products of third parties lendersthat you have expressed interest in. It might be possible that your information might be used for problem-solving technical issues, to customize the services being advertised to you and it might be shared with consumer research or similar agencies in order to improve on your user experience.

Further, the website might share your PII with third party agencies & marketers to make it easy for you to be informed about products that would make your search easy. They might communicate with you via telemarketing calls, courier or email. Telemarketing calls or messages would over-ride your name appearing in the federal commission’s do-not-call registry as registration on website implies your intent to make a purchase and aligns itself with Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR & 310.

In rare cases, at our discretion, in case it is required legally, we might share the information with government authorities and agencies in good faith. The reasons for this includes but is not limited to (a) legal requirements (b) protect property & rights of the website (c) to prevent crime or (d) protect safety of user & public.

At anytime in the future, we might associate the website to a third party in the form of an acquisition or merger. In this case, we would need to share your PII as a part of asset transfer to the said party. In the unforeseenscenario that the website undergoes voluntary or involuntary insolvency, the liquidator might like to dispose, transfer or sell PII as per the transactions allowed by the court. These events might be communicated to the users of the website via email or a conspicuous notice on the website. In all of the above cases, the final recipient of the data might be located outside the territory of the United States of America.

Third Party Cookies

Upon usage of the website or on receiving any electronic communication such as email from the said website or third parties; your system might be embedded with cookies, pixel tags, browser usage analysis tools, web beacons and server logs. These might be used to analyse your online user behaviour, gain information on your browser and IP addresses etc. All of the aforementioned devices add to the cumulative information collected about you and are stored on our servers. The same transfer permissions apply to these as is applicable to PIIs & NPIIs and users are expected to take cognisance of the same. The user can choose to disallow cookies by making suitable adjustments to their browser settings.

Managing Privacy

All of the above stated privacy policy contents are applicable only if you choose to use the website, submit information or register in any way. You can always limit the information shared with us by ceasing to use our website and not clicking on third party communication.
Similarly, you can disable cookies on your browser and unsubscribe from email links. These are some of the options available to the user to actively manage their privacy.