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Quick cash loans

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How Does Your Quick Cash Loan Work?

Need a cheap loan urgently? Cannot wait for a few days? We have that covered with our easy application process available 24X7. In a just a few minutes, fill out your details in our form & click submit you be on your way to access your quick loan. Do remember to quickly check our eligibility criteria before applying.

Instant Credit Loans puts you in touch with hundreds of lenders online. This means, you will most likely receive quick decisions on your online loans. Our lenders will provide the loan irrespective of your financial record. If approved, you can further accept the repayment terms offered by your lender and also provide extra details requested by them.

Lenders would transfer cash for your approved online loans, directly into the bank account details furnished by you at the time of registration. Ideally, funds would be in your account as soon as possible. However, time of receipt is subject to your bank or financial institution- in most of the cases it is immediately after the lender transfers money.

Repayment is easy with Instant Credit Loans. Avoid the hassle of recovery agents or loan sharks. Based on the pre-decided payment cycle at the time of loan acceptance, you can pay back your quick loan online. You can also set up your account for auto-withdrawal. Repayment on cheap loans will never get easier than this!

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Personal loans and payday loans are recommended for short term emergencies. They will not resolve persistent financial issues. In case of frequent financial liabilities; it is best that you seek the consultation of a trained finance professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a payday loan?

This loan gets its name from ‘payday’ and is typically taken when you fall short of funds between pay days. It is an unsecured short term loan and is typically paid back as soon as you receive your next salary.

What is a Title loan?

A title loan is a loan taken by keeping your vehicle as a collateral. People in need of urgent money, use this type of loan to capitalise on their asset

What is installment loan?

Installment loans are paid back over a period at set payment schedules. It is taken by borrowers who want to borrow for a longer term. Repayment schedules are set with the lender at the time of signing the loan agreement.