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Personal Information

To avail of the networking services provided by this website, you would be required to register and provide your personal information which consists of but will not be restricted to your name, employment details and social security number. These would be used by prospective lenders to assess your application and hence would be passed onto them by the website. This would be governed by the privacy policy of the website. Upon registration, you would be explicitly agreeing to the terms & conditions and underlying privacy policy. The registration is also deemed to be an acknowledgement that any lender may contact you via various modes of communication.

Marketing Communication

On the basis of information shared by you, a prospective lender may reach out via telephone, message or email or any other media. It might also be shared with third party marketing companies by the lenders to advertise their loan products. Additionally, it also implies that you accept that prospective lenders will use your social security number, identity details to run checks on your credit score and also for basic background checks. The website has no contribution to these checks and these are at the sole discretion of the prospective lenders.


In case the loan or credit offered by a lender matches your requirements, then the agreement entered into, would be between your lender and you. All contents thereof would have no bearing whatsoever on this the website. The responsibility would lie with the borrower to go through every aspect of the agreement and contact the prospective lender directly in case of any queries.

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Disclaimer on Guarantees

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Limitation of Liability

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Implication On Prior Agreements

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Changes in Terms Of Use

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